It’s funny how sometimes we could live next to a beautiful location but never indulge in the curiosity of exploring. The “it was under your nose” expression fits like a glove, or at least for us. Living in South Florida, who’s going to wonder what lies farther north, right? That question was what fueled this trip of pure visual imaging and human-to-nature interaction.

As we head up north, eager to make it to our destination, Washington D.C., we made our first stop. Savannah, Georgia and its historic River Street. More than visualization, relating to and the feeling an image creates are the most critical tools for us to convey uniqueness and abiding impressions.

In just 2,250 miles, ranging from deserted and remote landscapes to a vibrant and fast-paced cities, we had the opportunity to appreciate the wide spectrum of diverse lifestyles. To achieve something truly unique you must be innovative. “Creativity takes courage. ” ― Henri Matisse.

Salvador Diaz